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Student Clubs


VBS is one of the few management institutions which is committed to offer you a big platform to engage in co-curricular activities. The objective is to expand your learning potential, groom your talent and foster your all round development. With this view in mind, VBS has formed various clubs.

Surabhi-The Cultural Club

The Cultural Club of VBS aims to rekindle cultural pride in you and provide you the knowledge of Indian and world cultural heritage. Students from different cultural and geographical backgrounds study at VBS. They assimilate into a cohesive whole on the campus and thus foster cross-cultural boding. VBS regularly conducts various cultural and literary competitions and also encourages its students to represent the school at inter-collegiate, inter-university and inter-state level cultural competitions. The club celebrates all cultural festivals and organizes various cultural activities as per the academic calendar to inculcate in its members a sense of belongingness, team work, coordination & amiability.