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Program Highlights


Two-year (4 semesters), Full time MBA Program

The Two-year MBA Program helps students develop their vision, and the substance required for achieving it. During the first year, students dive into complex managerial issues as they gain insight into the perspective of a general manager.

The first year features two unique modules. The module on’ Yoga in Management’ aims at imparting the required knowledge and skills to help learners gain mastery over mind for personal and organisational growth in holistic manner.  The module on ‘Thinking Processes’ aims at imparting the 21st century critical and creative thinking skills promoting students to constantly enquire, explore and discover new ways of thinking, comprehension, analysis, synthesis, creatively conceptualisation for solving problems in win-win manner.

The proposed second year program would feature a common module on ‘Design Thinking’, which includes an innovative customer centric process for creative problem solving by utilizing elements from the designer’s toolkit like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions. In the second year, students personalize their learning experience through specializations in marketing, Human Resource Management, and financial management. Specialisations are calibrated to students’ skills, experience, and future goals.

The Two-year MBA Program is truly ‘Ambicultural’ as it combines the best of the East with that of the West. Ambicultural MBA professionals possess traits such as openness to new ways of thinking, a capacity for transcending divisions by embracing ideas from other parts of the world, an ability to see the wisdom and strength in other cultural and business paradigms, and culminating in a deeper understanding of their own culture.


  • Health Care Management
  • With a sole intention to bring in the Managerial skills into our Yoga Enthusiasts and students VBS, has launched this uniquely crafted Management Program in Health Care Management. This course is a perfect blend of the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Health Care Management aspects of Yoga  from the East, with that of the Modern management skills of the West. The program ensures our students not only get a deep dive knowledge on Health Care Management but also give them wings to fly high in realizing their dream of becoming an entrepreneur through its management skills.

    • Marketing
    • Organisations can no longer compete on the merits of their products and services alone to ensure their long-term sustainability. Firms need solid marketing strategies to effectively target their client base and differentiate their offerings from the competition. The Specialisation in Marketing provides an analytical understanding of markets, consumers and marketing models. Among the subjects addressed are consumer behaviour, applied market research, marketing channels and pricing models, and marketing strategy.

    • Finance
    • Worldwide economic crisis underscores the highly complex nature of global finance and the need for business leaders to have a firm understanding of financial instruments and models. The specialisation in Finance imparts an in-depth exploration of core areas of finance, including financial planning and analysis, foreign exchange risk management, fund positioning and budgeting, international financial management, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, options and futures and corporate governance.

    • Human Resource Management
    • Human Resource Management focuses on grooming highly effective and competent human resource professionals with a holistic understanding of business, society and government. We empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and long-term vision that lead to innovation, service to society and growth. We groom visionary, competent, committed, compassionate and value-based business leaders.