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Global Mindset Trail

GMT is intended to be a life changing business and personal experience for participants.

MBA is the beginning of an exciting life adventure. We want you to make the most of it by understanding what happens in some of the best B-schools across the globe. This study tour is intended to be a life-changing business and personal experience for participants.

Program activities include

  • Meeting with business and government officials
  • Touring factories, multinational firms, port facilities & small family firms
  • Meeting with local students
  • Experiencing local customs and business practices
  • Attending cultural events

This trip will be organized during the first year. This 10-day orientation in Europe is aimed at:

  • Achieving role transition in you from being student to being a manager
  • Providing international exposure
  • Creating Global Mindset
  • Making you understand the roles and responsibilities of an MBA student
  • Having first hand feeling of our academic partners