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Director’s Message

Management Education is More Relevant Today Than Ever Before

Transformation has been a constant thing in management education. This is because with the constant changes in business models and the way companies conduct business, there exists always a compelling reason for B-schools to reorient their management programs to be in sync with the industry needs. Today, increasing emphasis is being laid on practical training, industry experience and industry interface. Our curricula get revamped every now and then to keep pace with the chaning dynamics of the corporate world.

Canards are spread at all times to question the relevance of MBA program. I have nothing but a mere ‘shrug off’ to answer those who question the relevance of MBA education. Management education is more crucial in today’s directionless world. In fact, it has more relevance today than ever before. Our world today badly needs good managers to steer it on the right course. There is a short supply of capable leaders and managers today and management institutes have the onus of delivering great leaders and managers to the world.

Eastern management philosophies when combined with the innovative ideas of modern management can provide plausible solution to today’s management’s challenges. When we combine the eastern ideas of holistic approach and clarity of vision with the western models such as business excellence, stunning results may be produced.

At VYASA Business School, this is an idea we are betting on to produce outstanding leaders and managers. With great stalwarts of eastern philosophies as mentors and a wonderful campus on our side, we are quite confident that we will be able to accomplish our mission.

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Dr. Prahlada Ramrao  (Profile)