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Chancellor’s Message

The MBA program at S-VYASA is a unique program that combines the study of management with the University’s renowned holistic perspective to instil in its students virtues and skills needed to make a difference in tomorrow’s world. The university has experienced faculty members drawn from industry to provide a high-quality program as well as critical insights with a deeper understanding of business. The course would be a benchmark in bringing holistic vision and experience to the students to open a new era in the corporate world.

The wisdom of the ancient Indian scriptures will help in dealing with issues from management strategies to corporate governance in today’s highly competitive world of business. Across the globe the Industry is drawing inputs from the depths of Ancient Indian wisdom. Operational frameworks have sprung from deep rooted Indian thoughts. Today many successful companies believe in holistic development and recruit those who are complete individuals.

S-VYASA also follows the Gurukul system with the mission of combining the best of the East with that of the West. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that each student who enrols develops both personally and professionally.