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About VYASA Business School

The management concept in the west developed as a result of evolutionary process, based on the changing values systems of the people – the social, political, and economic environment as well as educational and cultural milieu. However, in India, historically we never evolved our own concepts, keeping the Indian scenario in view. We found it convenient to transfer management technology, trust as scientific technology. As a result of these grafting process of management, we have created more confusion in management thinking.

Under the division of Management of S-VYASA University, VYASA BUSINESS SCHOOL has been built and developed which focuses on the Indian System of Management.

However, suddenly due to success of the Japanese methods of management, even the western countries have started doubting their own concepts and are trying to emulate the Japanese lessons. This has further confused the Indian managers as well as the management experts, who all along were following as a gospel truth whatever the westerners had developed.

Our Research finding at VYASA BUSINESS SCHOOL in Indian Management indicate that many of the Management practices suggested by Foreign specially the Western consultants when implemented in Indian Organizations, get rejected by the environment resulting in contradiction within the Indian context between stated policies and actual practices termed as “Dualism” in Indian Management. Many of these practices remain on paper without proper implementation. Therefore, it becomes imperative to evolve our own concepts of Management, which are in tune with Indian environment and value systems. Based on extensive research we at VYASA BUSINESS SCHOOL have evolved such concepts and Management practices which are acceptable in Indian context and is also being universally adopted.

VYASA BUSINESS SCHOOL is a constituent college of S-VYASA and is one of the premier B-schools in India. It is known for its distinctive teaching methodology and innovative approach to the holistic development of students.


To promote the holistic approach of management for individual, institutional and social prosperity and harmony


To blend management principles as propounded in the Indian Scriptures with modern management systems through research education and training

Accredited by NAAC with a premium A+ rating